Mela Fruit Cardio Blackberry- - dried fruit, completely natural treat – healthy snack.

Raw Fruit Stripe description:

100% completely natural raw fruit stripe made of the best quality locally grown blackberry and apple. Made with our special technology.  This allowed us to preserve all of the pure and nutritional values of the raw fruit.

Blackberry contains minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and iron.  Amongst the vitamins the most common are B1, B2, C and PP (niacin).  It has been known that blackberries prevent oxidized LDL (bad cholesterol), postponing atherosclerosis and preventing cardiovascular disease, as they are full of vitamin C and beta carotene.

Blackberry is also useful for individuals who suffer from hypertension because it helps in lowering blood pressure.  Iron in blackberries has also it importance.  It is used as prevention of anemia and heart diseases and also strengthening of the immune system.

The stripe contains no added sugar, is gluten free, no additives, no preservatives, no added colors and no added aromas. They are adequate for vegetarian and macrobiotic diets. Fitting for diabetics.  Suitable during fasting on water.

Mela Fruit Cardio Blackberry raw fruit stripes  can be consumed by individuals with different health issues, primarily those with celiac disease (gluten intolerance).

Ingredients: Blackberry, apple and nothing else.