Do you find yourself reading ingredient lists and food labels for the products you consume?


Are you prone to choosing completely natural products to fit your healthy lifestyle?

Mela Fruit is for you!

Our raw fruit stripes are 100% completely natural and made exclusively of fruit. Some, we seasoned with honey and cinnamon.

They are suitable for people of all age groups; including but not limited to health conscious individuals, diabetics, the gluten intolerant population, vegetarians, vegans, those who are fasting, and for those who simply want to satisfy their sweet tooth, but choose to do so without adding sugars to their diet!

Indulge yourself and enjoy the true taste of nature. Choose healthy!

When nature and humans unite, handmade
Mela Fruit stripes are perfection ─ not because the
humans altered the nature,
but because they never took anything away from it.

Mela Fruit stripes are made with our special technology, This allowed us to preserve all of the pure and nutritional values of the raw fruit.


Completely natural